Guide MICHELIN 2019

Avis de Konstantin Filippou

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Dominikanerbastei 17, Wien, Wien, 1010
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  • Par Christian S de Stockerau
    15 janvier 2020

    Sehr freundliches Service, sehr hohes Niveau.

  • Par Alisa W de Wien
    11 janvier 2020

    Alles super, ein tolles erlebnis

  • Par Markus M de Wien
    4 janvier 2020

    Wunderbares Restaurant

  • Par Brigitte R de München
    3 janvier 2020

    Service war wie gewohnt sehr gut und zuvorkommend, das Essen fanden wir nich besser als bei unserem letzten Besuch, eine Steigerung ist kaum mehr möglich

  • Par Jörg P de Wien
    3 janvier 2020

    Sehr interessante und abwechslungsreiche Küche. Service - absolute Stärke und Athmosphäre des Restaurants wohltuend. Preise etwas übertrieben vor allem für Wein glasweise.

  • Par Herbert W de Wien
    3 janvier 2020

    Das Essen war hervorragend ,Weinempfehlung eher schwach

  • Par Idan W de Vienna
    3 janvier 2020

    The overall experience of the food was very intense, the majority of the dishes were too much that made it not that enjoyable instead of delightful. The wine pairing in the other hand was very good.

  • Par Matthias K de Wien
    2 janvier 2020

    Super Küche, Service, Ambiente. Etwas Besonderes für den/die, welche sich auskennen

  • Par Eva V V de Sydney
    2 janvier 2020

    The food was great - innovative, modern and delicious with flavours that greatly complemented each other. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the wine list or service. I have chosen Austrian wines as the pairing with my meal. Would normally be a great choice, but here are some issues that made the whole dining experience below par. At no stage when selecting that pairing was I told that they all are predominantly organic wines. That would be all good for those who prefer natural wines, but if you are not a fan of orange wines, cloudy colours and lack of complexity, then this may not be for you. Granted, this is a matter of preference, but it would be nice to know. The explanation of the wines was also fairly basic - think, here we have this white wine, it comes from this winery, it is very nice. A professional som would tell you a little more of flavours, texture, vintage, etc. Another issue that is below par for a restaurant of this standing - 7 glasses of wine all served from two glasses - by the end of my experience with all the residue I was not entirely sure if I was tasting the gru or the reisling or one of the earlier wines... Now to service, this is the part that surprised me most. Very inattentive, hit and miss for most of the dining experience and also unprofessional to the point of something I have never seen before. Let me give you some examples - my partner did not have the wine pairing with his meal and so they never thought to offer him another drink. Not a big problem, I suppose we could have asked. Wrong dishes and wines were brought up a few times and not just to our table. Again, mistakes happen, but what was most amazing is the staff partaking in multiple glasses or wine and extended loud chats with one table at the expense of other patrons who were left waiting for service. All topped off with the said patron sticking two €50 notes in the waiter’s pocket - let’s hope he shared this with the kitchen staff!

  • Par Helge S de Son
    31 décembre 2019

    A very pleasant experience. Great service, excellent food, pleasant ambience - no annoying music.