Alton Towers Resort - Flambo’s Jambo

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Alton Towers Resort, Stoke on Trent, West Midlands, ST10 4DB


Pääruoka: 12 £
Ruokailu: 18 £


Flambo’s Jambo in Splash Landings Hotel offers delicious food with amazing views of the wacky waterpark. This casual, Caribbean-themed restaurant is a vibrant setting to enjoy a buffet breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Start the day with items from the hot breakfast buffet, as well as cereal and fruit juices. At lunch or dinner, try the all-you-can-eat pizzeria, with classics such as margarita and meat feast joined by unusal toppings inspired by international flavours. Vegetarian options include a vegetarian Hawaiian or mushroom and spinach, as well as tasty pasta dishes including penne in tomato and herb sauce and a traditional lasagne.

The salad bar offers a wide range of accompaniments to your meal, whilst the fabulous Flambo’s Jambo Ice Cream parlour is the perfect way to end any meal.

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  • Kirjoittaja Dani S, Bracknell
    8. maaliskuuta 2020

    Lovely food, reasonably priced for all you can eat buffet. Nice atmosphere & attentive, friendly staff. I would recommend and also return to this restaurant.

  • Kirjoittaja Katherine E, Stafford
    18. helmikuuta 2020

    Tables and chairs put as close together as possible to get as many people in as possible, so you cant get to the buffet without banging into people or swiping someones plate off the table with your backside, food isnt labelled which problematic, cold, hard and boring it certainly isn't from around the world as it states, it was carvery or curry, i like neither.

  • Kirjoittaja Lucy C, Milton Keynes
    16. helmikuuta 2020

    The restaurant has gone downhill. Lack of choice. The food is exactly the same every evening. They even served the ‘pre carved’ left over turkey from the night before. It was dry. The desserts are just as bad, chocolate cake was dry. I wouldn’t eat here again which is a shame as I used to like this restaurant however with lack of choice and previous day food served up, this is not value for money. Alton towers need to sort this restaurant out as it’s the main restaurant!

  • Kirjoittaja Shain A, Milton keynes
    15. helmikuuta 2020

    It was ok but it was better on previous visits through the years. The only downside was the the turkey used for the roast was from the same cut as the day before, the turkey ended up really dry. Then I the way out found one of the managers getting them to change it to a freshly roasted one but with few hours in to the service and one hour remaining. Guessing the will use this satin the nest day. So for the price you pay for this buffet you would expect the food to be quality and not from the day before. Then this made me check all the other dishes and some were found to be used from the previous day. Most these dishes were used in sauce based dishes to cover up the dryness. Not enough selection as previous years and 5 year old didn’t eat anything from here, he would of had a burger but none available and burger cove closed so resort closing other places to eat to push the dinning at flambos

  • Kirjoittaja laurna burns B, Chester
    2. tammikuuta 2020

    Awful. Felt rushed food average cheap buffet that was hard not fresh at all boiled scrambled egg left in soggy juice. Hard bacon all squashed together and hard cheap sausages and boiled mushrooms. Not much variety either not alot of selectction for children one muffin rice chrispies or cornflakes. Rubbish. All staff running round like headless chickens to clear tables made us feel uncomfortable. Not much drink selection either. Just felt like a cheap buffet breakfast we all left hungry the food was awful processed rubbish. Shame as the place has lots of potential but to leave hungry after an action packed day ahead was disappointing

  • Kirjoittaja Lee R, Betws-y-coed
    31. joulukuuta 2019

    Food was very limited and the staff extremely stretched, the was a long wait getting a table even though many tables were vacant but hadn't been cleared, we have been here in the passed and the food was a lot better.

  • Kirjoittaja Helen P, Southport
    27. lokakuuta 2019

    Great atmosphere

  • Kirjoittaja Helen boggia B, Norwich
    25. lokakuuta 2019

    We ate here for dinner and breakfast. Both meals were sub standard. Everything was luke warm in the serving stations even though they were full, so it wasn't like it was the last food left there! I don't know how you can manage to get something so wrong! Again breakfast was hardly warm and sub standard, had we had breakfast first I do t think we'd have risked dinner. It was never brilliant in the past but it was better than it was on this visit. Very disappointing! Staff were slow to clear tables through out the resort!

  • Kirjoittaja S D, Surrey
    23. lokakuuta 2019

    Very lovely buffet breakfast with cereal, cooked breakfast items and pastries. Delicious and plenty of food

  • Kirjoittaja V S, Nottinghamshire
    23. lokakuuta 2019

    Loved the selection of choice. We all thought it was amazing. The food was delishouus and we tried a bit of most dishes. I loved the curry and the salmon dish the most. The kids were thrilled with the whole dining experience and most exited by the chocolate fountain and the sweets area and really loved the ice cream machine too.

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Alton Towers Resort - Flambo’s Jambo
Alton Towers Resort, Stoke on Trent, West Midlands, ST10 4DB