Reviews of Amba Hotel Marble Arch

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Bryanston Street, London, London, W1H 7EH
144 beoordelingen
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  • Door Rona S uit London
    30 januari 2020

    Prawns were lovey .Steak and chips perfect.

  • Door Mike H uit london
    4 januari 2020

    Excellent - marred only by cold plates despite asking for them hot (One4 shouldn't hav to ask, but we have been let down on previous visits!

  • Door Jean T uit London
    31 december 2019

    Cold food, not much to chopse from and WAY too overpriced for what it was. Would refund if i could

  • Door Ludovic F uit Paris
    31 december 2019

    Excellent service and staff

  • Door Yoav S uit tel aviv
    25 december 2019

    Good food. Excellent service. Great value.

  • Door Mike W uit London
    16 november 2019

    Fair-Good. Not much atmosphere. Spotty service-we had several people come to the table but it was never clear who our waitperson was. No one checked back once the food was delivered. Drinks ordered forgotted Food was good and as described on the Groupon/Travelzoo deal. There were 2 red wines on the menu (bottle included in deal). I discussed the difference with the waiter. He did not mention that one carried a £10 supplement. There was an invitation to look at the 'premium' wine list on the menu; it was not clear that the second bottle was considered to be premium and, therefore, I was shocked to be charged £10 extra when the bill came Steak and fries were good and cooked correctly. I am not sure I would call a spoonful of leaves and a few cherry tomatoes a 'salad' Still, worth the price

  • Door David B uit Isleworth
    7 juli 2019

    Excellent food served in a lovely art-deco style restaurant. Very helpful and friendly staff.

  • Door UN G uit London
    2 juni 2019

    Unfortunately we were not impressed by this meal. It was good value for money on the set menu, but that is where the positives end. On arriving at the restaurant we advised them that we had a theatre booking so would need to leave within an hour and a half. They said this would not be a problem and we ordered promptly. Whilst my husband was in the toilet the included sparkling wine arrived before we had a chance to mention that he had wanted a soft drink instead but could not get the waiters attention after to change the drink. The duck salad starter was fine. I thought it might have been crispy duck but that was just my preconception as our local pub does a lovely warm crispy duck salad. The chicken was over cooked. So much so I had to eat the inside of the chicken breast leaving the outer area as my knife could not cut through it. At the opposite end of the scale the fruit crumble was cold. This made the topping so hard when cutting through it with the spoon the crumble topping surface splattered across the table. Trying to eat cold crumble with ice cream was not pleasant and after one mouthful I stopped. The waiter asked for feedback and when I pointed out the crumble was cold he offered to warm it up! I might have accepted the offer except we were only served the dessert 10 minutes before we had to leave. Considering we asked for a not too unreasonable turnaround the service was slow and we waited a long time between all three courses. They had already included service charge and we did not have the time to ask them to take it off the bill. I would not go back there again even with the set menu deal

  • Door Belinda L uit London
    16 december 2018

    Friendly staff who were attentive. Food was value for money. Shame that night one of the diner did not get the bream fortunately the alternative sea bass was offered.

  • Door Yateen P uit London
    28 juli 2018

    Staff were attentive, and certainly dealt with any issues we had (like dealing with the vouchers when the bill came). The food was good and filling. Didn't ask for 'tea refill' but could of asked ourselves too. Overall great experience, would definitely go again.