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118 Piccadilly, London, London, W1J 7NW
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  • Kirjoittaja Khalid A, Riyadh
    27. elokuuta 2019

    Super happy

  • Kirjoittaja Zahra A, From Dubai
    12. elokuuta 2019


  • Kirjoittaja Emma S, London
    18. toukokuuta 2019

    Fabulous atmosphere, food and service. Would thoroughly recommend.

  • Kirjoittaja Cornelia H, London
    14. toukokuuta 2019

    Fantastic service, great vibe and excellent food

  • Kirjoittaja Maria K, london
    8. maaliskuuta 2019

    the food was amazing,the service very stressful.

  • Kirjoittaja Popi M, London
    12. helmikuuta 2019

    Everything was perfect

  • Kirjoittaja Kanako N, London
    4. marraskuuta 2018

    When we entered the restaurant, I was bit worried about the loud music in the bar but where we dined they had a lovely atmosphere. My boyfriend and I were celebrating our anniversary dining there and we were very lucky to have this particular waitress who was very charming and great at service taking care of us that evening. The dishes she recommended us were spot on, really delicious and drinks, cocktails were very good as well. We have ordered mostly small dishes to share rather than having a starter, main, and then desert so we can enjoy so many different flavours. When you look at the individual potion you may find it small but we got very full at the end of the meal and we were very satisfied with experiencing so many different flavours. Our favourite dishes are definitely mixed variety of ceviche, crab tacos, kale and manchego salad, pulled pork bao, chicken skewers.. and for the desert we loved the creme brûlée, and of course you must have the pisco sour when you arrive there. I tired the pineapple, lemongrass and cucumber pisco sour which was so refreshing!

  • Kirjoittaja Mssbrazil P, London
    3. marraskuuta 2018

    The food, drinks and decor tick the perfect boxes. However, the rush-rush for ordering the next drinks and meal and the lack of genuine charisma on the waters’ part turns the interaction with dinners into a very impersonal experience which can be resumed to: seat, order, eat, pay, next clients combined with forced and polite smiles. The music was too loud for 9pm - understandably, there is a significant crowd coming just for the social interaction and cocktails, but for dinners the marketing psychology of ‘too-loud-cant-talk-lets-only-drink’ put me off. I wish to see more of genuine, south-american hospitality, cool and breezy tunes for dinners (shall we say 10.30pm?). That would transport people into the core of Peruvian dinning and culture hospitality.

  • Kirjoittaja Hayat C, London
    4. lokakuuta 2018


  • Kirjoittaja Shashi W, London
    24. syyskuuta 2018

    My friend and I had a delicious lunch last week. My chili margarita was fabulous! The starters were excellent but I would have stopped there. It's not that the mains were less tasty (although I guess they were a bit) but it was just too much food. That's my only quibble: I feel like we were 'up-sold' on quantity at the expense of enjoying the starters as much as we should have. The service otherwise was lovely. We were virtually the first to arrive for lunch and definitely the last to leave and never felt rushed. I heartily recommend COYA to others.