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9 Conduit Street, London, London, W1S 2XG
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  • Af Alexandr M fra Toronto
    1. marts 2020

    Great atmosphere and food - highly recommended !

  • Af Saif I fra London
    21. februar 2020

    Amazing venue !! Would recommend!

  • Af Charis K fra London
    16. februar 2020

    Design of the room and overall concept was great ! The food was delicious too

  • Af D S fra London
    25. januar 2020

    For the price the food in Glade wasn’t outstanding. If you’re heading to sketch would just go for drinks / novelty in one of the bars. The waitress offered to give recommendations, when we took her up on the offer for fish recommendations she just read out every fish item on the menu so there was no recommendation. We asked if we could move to the bar when they wanted us to leave the restaurant but said they couldn’t find us a spot at the bar. I’ve since read that they try to get guests who are dining a seat at the bar and one of my friends came in shortly after (same day) and walked straight into the bar (we had gone elsewhere for drinks). Sketch is a fun place for drinks but wouldn’t rush back for food at the Glade. As with most London bars the drinks are on the more expensive side. Perhaps some of the other restaurants would provide a different experience compared to Glade. The decor was lovely and it had a nice vibe in the restaurant.

  • Af Klaudia J fra Surrey
    11. januar 2020

    My experience in Sketch started at 1 star and thought about complaining as I found the staff extremely abrupt. They lack basic customer service skills, don’t smile and struggle to fulfil their duties. I understand it’s a “posh” restaurant however due to that reason, I would expect bit more respect. The Ivy is fairly similar however the waiting and door staff there are extremely pleasant and helpful hence why I fail to understand why is it so hard for staff in Sketch to be the same... you guys work for just a bit above minimum wage, there is really not that much to be proud of and I don’t see it as a reason to get above yourselves either. I am not writing this to offend anyone because I myself have started from minimum wage and worked across service / hospitality industry so I know it’s difficult but that is not a good enough excuse to be crap at your job and behave like you really do not enjoy it. However, the food was fantastic (even though I was brought the wrong order) and our waitress cheered up a bit at the end of our session hence why I am giving 4 stars. I would recommend for the owners to look through the comments as I can see many 1 star reviews mentioning their staff so I guess some retraining might be needed. I think they heavily rely on tourists who will go there just once rather than have repeat business. I will definitely not be returning to the Glade but might try different rooms to compare my experience.

  • Af Celine F fra Oslo
    20. december 2019

    Nydelig mat (litt små porsjoner), God service. FANTASTISK atmosfære! Vel verdt et besøk :)

  • Af Ivor C fra St Brelade, Jersey
    13. november 2019

    Relaxed and comfortable with easy going helpful staff, and enjoyable food and drinks.

  • Af Margaret N fra London
    19. juli 2019

    My husband and I were visiting from the US and went for lunch. It was one of the hi lights of our trip. The atmosphere is so innovative and creative. Food was delicious and the service was impeccable. I wouid love to return. I would recommend anyone who wants a special meal and experience to try it.

  • Af Gema J fra LONDON
    15. juni 2019

    Amazing atmosphere, very good organised and very nice menu.

  • Af Eleesha B fra London
    8. juni 2019

    Aesthetic - fabulous. Food was shockingly expensive and much room for improvement, considering taste and portion size and variety (vegan and vegetarian options lacking). Drinks were overly expensive for London, but you are in a Mayfair postcode. If all you’re going here for is to see the restaurant, then you’re better off eating elsewhere and just visiting the bar. The toilets are definitely worth the visit.