Arviot 1565 Restaurant, Bar & Terrace - Park Regis Hotel Birmingham

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160 Broad Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, B15 1DT
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  • Kirjoittaja Hannah F, Birmingham
    4. marraskuuta 2020

    Requested heaters in my booking specifically for the terrace. Booking was confirmed but on the day heaters were available but we were told they were not being used. If I had known I would have booked another venue with heaters in use. One staff member on bar service. Service slow.

  • Kirjoittaja Mia R, Birmingham
    3. marraskuuta 2020

    The restaurant was very nice clean, the service was good but the food was a let down the sandwiches came straight out the fridge. The chocolate tart had no chocolate, the cream on the doughnuts and some cakes was off. the English tea was stale and there wasn't the right amount of dining ware.

  • Kirjoittaja A. A, Staffordshire
    31. lokakuuta 2020

    Excellent service - really enjoyed it having afternoon tea at the 1565. Will definitely be booking again.

  • Kirjoittaja simbi folarin F, Birmingham
    31. lokakuuta 2020

    Service was good, let down by very poor quality tasteless food.

  • Kirjoittaja Emigdio S, Birmingham
    31. lokakuuta 2020

    I called earlier to tell you I needed to be outside cause of the NHS rules for different households. There was no issue with this; although the day was 7 degrees cold and the heaters were not being used. I once I asked the waiter about turning the heaters on. On the other hand, I had to get inside the bar 4 times to get the orders taken. I asked for a beer that was in the drinking menu and the waiter told me they didn't get that beer anymore since a longtime, although it was in the menu. At the end, we were able to get it, but because of insisting so much. The waiter didn't want to take our cards and payments separately as that was "more complicated". Even though we had to do our maths for the payment? Prices were like London bars.

  • Kirjoittaja Usman Y, Birmingham
    31. lokakuuta 2020

    In terms of the food poor selection of vegetarian/pescatarian sandwiches and the sandwiches had barely any spread and were dry as was the bread. The desserts were dry, stale and not fresh. The best thing was the scones which were warm and fresh.

  • Kirjoittaja Maxine H, Birmingham
    20. lokakuuta 2020

    As soon as we arrived we were greeted by a member of staff in a suit and mask. Covid safety was definitely paramount and I felt totally safe. Afternoon tea was delicious and the service 1st class. Would definitely recommend.

  • Kirjoittaja Phoebe B, Birmingham
    17. lokakuuta 2020

    Really nice

  • Kirjoittaja Kelly F, Birmingham
    17. lokakuuta 2020

    I brought my mom for a delayed mothers day treat of afternoon tea.we had a lovely experience. The staff were very friendly and the food very fresh and tasty. It's a beautiful venue and very chilled atmosphere. Will be coming back

  • Kirjoittaja Priya C, Birmingham
    12. syyskuuta 2020

    Wasn’t great. Was quite disappointed really. Thick slices of beef in sandwiches, bones left in tuna sandwiches. Poor customer service and help.