Arviot The Real Greek - Dulwich

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96-98 Dulwich Village, Dulwich, London, SE21 7AQ
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  • Kirjoittaja Nikki L, Dulwich
    22. lokakuuta 2020

    Nice relaxing lunch

  • Kirjoittaja Kathy Y, London
    20. lokakuuta 2020

    Lovely experience, as always, thanks. Just little things, though: no serving spoon came with the hot dishes once the cold dishes had been cleared; they forgot the olives (but that was ok, and they took it off the bill); and there were long waiting times, with no staff in sight, for dishes to be cleared and to order dessert. The windows should be opened a bit to allow air flow - especially with airborne flu and COVID-19 viruses flying round the air. Not aircon please! It was a lovely evening nonetheless, thank you.

  • Kirjoittaja Kasper K, Dulwich
    14. lokakuuta 2020

    It was great especially the food. Just don’t ask people to put on a mask as you cannot make someone wear one when the waiter wasn’t wearing one properly himself, + they are useless.

  • Kirjoittaja Alasdair N, London
    3. lokakuuta 2020

    Service and food were fantastic. Wide favourite of dishes and good wine! Enjoyable meal.

  • Kirjoittaja ROY J, London
    1. lokakuuta 2020

    I was very impressed with the service. When I explained that I required gluten free food they were very careful to point out that we had ordered a couple of dishes which were not gluten free. We explained that they were for my companion who is not gluten free. I was happy to know that the staff were making sure that I did not eat something which would disagree with me.

  • Kirjoittaja Vitor P, London
    20. syyskuuta 2020

    I usually go there with my Labrador and staff is always very playful and caring with him . The food is Devine and extremely tasty .

  • Kirjoittaja Janet K, London
    9. syyskuuta 2020

    A sad disappointment. I love Greek food and looked forward to my visit but the food was barely warm and unappetisingly dry and lacking seasoning. Kalamari and chicken wings were the best items.

  • Kirjoittaja Kealey P, London
    4. syyskuuta 2020

    Lovely staff, prompt service, clean, good distance from other tables, food was delicious!

  • Kirjoittaja Tania S, London
    26. elokuuta 2020

    Food was delicious. My favourite dIsh was the lamb kofte. The staff were very friendly but not smothering as in some places.

  • Kirjoittaja Lou B, london
    25. elokuuta 2020

    The restaurant was ok, the food was quite salty for me so i didn't eat everything, particularly the halloumi fries. My partner liked the food but a lot was deep fried which felt like it took away from the flavours. Service was ok, slightly slow, one waitress was friendly but the others weren't particulary chatty.