Arviot Hawkers Bar and Brasserie

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1 Skerne Road, London, London, KT2 5FJ
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  • Kirjoittaja John M, Kingston upon Thames
    24. lokakuuta 2020

    It was O, full menu was not there or drinks.

  • Kirjoittaja Charlotte C, London
    10. lokakuuta 2020

    Lovely setting, staff were attentive and all very lovely. We had a great brunch and would certainly recommend.

  • Kirjoittaja Alice M, Surrey
    3. lokakuuta 2020

    Breakfast was okay but only warm not hot and the mushrooms tasted like vinegar. Only hot part was the tea.

  • Kirjoittaja Nina C, London
    5. syyskuuta 2020

    Booked online and received confirmation email. When I called to push back table the lady confirmed there was no booking and I said I had done it online and received a confirmation email I could forward. She laughed and said that we should have called. (made no sense as I had confirmation email but okay). Unfortunately, as we were seated we were not explained how the service process would work with either COVID or the bottomless brunch. We were not offered drinks once we were seated either, waited around 5 minutes until I had to wave someone over to explain service process and offer drinks. Food was below average, we all had pizzas, dough was terrible and too much toppings. To finish off the service the waitress came to top up last two empty glasses (although we had to ask)and as she walked away said “only these two glasses will be topped up”. It’s called bottomless brunch, therefore it is bottomless, if you are going to top up two other peoples empty glasses on table you should do everyone’s, but instead she decided to disagree with our request. Seemed rude to be honest. Didn’t get our moneys worth as a bottle contains around 6 glasses and we had around 4 each (and had to argue for a 5th) for £25 each. Would not recommend!

  • Kirjoittaja Rebecca C, Kingston upon Thames
    8. maaliskuuta 2020

    Really lovely afternoon tea, the service was fantastic (I'm in the trade!). It makes all the difference!! Well done guys and the food was absolutely delicious. Favourite thing was the lemon tart with the warm scones rocking up a close second. Massive pot of tea. Left with a big smile and a full tummy!!

  • Kirjoittaja David H, FELTHAM
    7. maaliskuuta 2020

    Very good experience. Very good service. Excellent food and drink

  • Kirjoittaja George O, Surbiton
    14. helmikuuta 2020

    It is a lovely restaurant to eat dinner because they have a lovely music from piano. Which is romantic themes night. The food is good and taste lovely. The service was slow for our pudding, they hear what I say to them.

  • Kirjoittaja Joe N, Kingston upon Thames
    7. helmikuuta 2020

    The service was very poor. The waiter was not familiar with the menu...The steaks were cold.The side order came first and then 10 minutes later the steaks...

  • Kirjoittaja Anup A, Kingston upon Thames
    15. marraskuuta 2019

    Good Afternoon Tea +Prosecco

  • Kirjoittaja Emilymae D, Kingston upon Thames
    5. syyskuuta 2019

    The overall setting of the restaurant was nicely done, however the lack of customers made the ambiance falter a little even with the nice lights and such. We didn’t let that put us off however, liking that we would get better service as it wasn’t busy. This wasn’t really the case - the service wasn’t bad exactly however I do think servers need to be trained more closely. The waitress missed little things that just need to be done such as moving our plates away before we even order pudding (she left them on the table even when she brought the chocolate brownie out) also, wine measurements - we made the most of the bring your one wine deal which was great but the waitress poured the glass nearly full, having no consideration for wine measurements! We weren’t checked that our meal was okay until I had actually finished and eaten all of mine; this shows a lack of attentiveness that you’d expect from the most standard restaurant. Staff did seem polite, just unaware which is a shame

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